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Welcome to the wonderland of Folk Performance!
Dancing with a strange mask, or marching around all night,
what a never-ending attraction Japanese Folk performance has!

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@Japan Folk Performing Arts Association (JFPAA/Zen-kyoo-gei) was established in 1973, for the purpose of reservation and promotion of folk performing arts of Japan. In 1995 it became a corporate juridical person. It is the only nation-wide organization consists of: 1) performing groups, 2) groups/person interested in folk performing arts.
@Its staff are also a producer, performer, director or technical stage staff, with full experience and knowledge in folk performances. Therefore JFPAA has produced various event regarding folk performing arts. Recently, JFPAA has organized The National Shishi-mai Festival and Jishibai (Village folk theater) Summit as its own planning projects, and The International Folk Performing Arts Festival as a commissioned project.
@JFPAA has tried to correct/spread information regarding folk performance through its newsletters or organizing small seminars.

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Japan Folk Performing Arts Association
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